Site/downloads up again

I have received a tremendous amount of emails from people wanting me to continue the project even though it might take some time until the next release.
It's meant alot to me to see this kind of support for the project. That's why I've decided to bring back the site, but I will not promise anything...
I hope to get some time and motivation to finish the new version.


The next version is well on its way (even though I haven't updated the dev.log in ages). I decided to redo most of the core code in the client and also implement language support. The new client will use less memory and be somewhat faster. The language file (english) will be uploaded, once the new version is done, for anyone to translate.

Stay tuned for more info.

New plugin: Optix Screen Capture

The former EES founder, th3 s13az3, has contributed with an excellent screen capture plugin.
Hence the name it has the same style as Optix Pro (which th3 sl3az3 was the author of). Source codes are included (which requires a couple of Delphi Components, they are included as well).

Download it here!

New (english speaking) support forum

Poison Ivy has a new support forum:! Please pay a visit if you have any questions regarding Poison Ivy.

Version 2.3.2 released!

There was a critical little bug in the server building code that I just had to fix. The bug was client-side thus only the client's version has changed (since it assembles the server file).
Thanks to Shaddy who found it and helped me fix it!
So here's a new version with the following changes:

[+] - Feature added
[-] - Feature removed
[*] - Bug fixed on existing feature

[*] Fixed a crash when using both ActiveX and HKLM startup.
[*] Server now removes HKLM startup entry when uninstalled.
[*] Fixed autosave (screen capture) problem that some people experienced.

Download it here!

Version 2.3.1 released!


[+] - Feature added
[-] - Feature removed
[*] - Bug fixed on existing feature

[+] Device Manager
-> Save To File
-> Enable/Disable/Safe Removal
-> Display Info
-> Show hidden devices
[+] See ADS in file manager
[+] Expand/Collapse Tree in file and registry manager
[+] Thumbnail of desktop (gets updated every ping or manually by pinging), change size in settings
[+] Copy Profile
[+] HKLM/run startup
[+] Play sound on new connection
[+] Date in Connection Log
[+] Choose file alignment
[+] Choose to copy the file to ADS
[-] Share: inject into another process
[*] No need to restart servers that has been connected to older client
[*] Can now build non-injecting servers
[*] Changed the terms of use
[*] Uploading a file that already exists (but not in cache) will now be overwritten properly
[*] Update now works with servers that has different install paths
[*] Fixed a access violation when clicking Cancel too fast in the download dialog
[*] ActiveX now starts on restricted accounts too (must first be installed on admin account)
[*] Test Connection with Key File now works
[*] Clear Stats now doesnt remove active connection count
[*] Client should now be able to handle more active connections
[*] Load/Save bug fixed in DNS/Port editor
[*] Generate Key File had a bug causing it to generate weak passwords
[*] Fixed a bug that made it impossible to share new servers (2.3.0)
[*] Autosave images now saves with a timestamp

Download it here!

Mail problems

I've had some problems with my mail server the last couple of days which made it impossible for me to receive any emails.
I will answer all emails as fast as possible (they should hit my inbox now as the mail server works again).

New server

As you might notice I've moved to a new server (the DNS is being updated). Do not bookmark this IP (which you will see in the beginning).
Now the customer portal and the main site are operating on the same server which should make things easier.

Oh, and happy new year!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

(I had hoped to have a new version released by now but it has taken longer than expected...)

New site and Customer area

As you can see the site went through some changes, hopefully for the better. Special thanks to Codius for the design.

It also features a customers area, featuring real-time, unique servers generation, accesible from anywhere, at any time for download, as well as a private support forum for customers.

I apologize for the delay in answering emails, this was partially due to work on the new site and customer area, and the huge amount of emails that piled up.

Efforts are now aimed towards development. As always, the next version will include a couple of new and interesting features, as well as bugfixes and code optimizations.

New Web Design

I've replaced the iframes with some php-code and made the colors slightly brighter. Hope you like it!

Changing host

Everything seems to be working fine. Please report any issues you might encounter.

WiFi Scanner Plugin

A new plugin has been released; WiFi Scanner. Download it here!

Poison Ivy 2.3.0 Released

It's been almost four months since 2.2.0 and finally it's time for a new release. Here is the complete changelog:
[+] - Feature added
[-] - Feature removed
[*] - Bug fixed on existing feature

[+] New user interface.
-> Listen on multiple ports.
-> Save and Load build settings in form of Profiles.
-> Execute third party applications after build.
-> Configure the Connection list's columns.
-> Place connections in groups.
[+] Key File for password.
[+] Connection log.
[+] Highlight File Types in File Manager and File Search.
[+] Route connections through HTTP proxies (possible to mix HTTP and Socks4 proxies).
[+] Proxy Hijack; route through Internet Explorers HTTP or Socks4 proxy settings.
[+] Server file and ALL the files (keylog file and plugins) it drops to disk get stored into the Install Folder's ADS.
[+] Show/unload modules in Process Manager.
[+] Shellcode server. Generate a shellcode of the server in form of: binary, C Array, Python Array and Delphi Array.
[+]Plugin support.
-> Plugins will be stored in the install folder's ADS (if NTFS).
-> Optional to store it remotely.
-> The remote dll (server side) will be loaded in memory and is encrypted on disk.
-> The remote dll will be automatically updated if a newer version is available locally.
[+] Execute files with parameter.
[+] Notes.
[-] Packet Analyzer has been removed.
[*] ID and Group names are now 255 chars long when building.
[*] Fixed an Uninstall bug on limited accounts when autostart is being used.
[*] When a server disconnects, the client waits for all threads to clean up before removing the connection.
[*] Fixed a bug when downloading drives using Download Folder.
[*] "Test Connection" now runs in an own thread and you can cancel it by pressing OK or Cancel.
[*] "Test Connection" now also tests if the password is correct (not with Proxy DNS).
[*] Fixed a startup bug that occurred when explorer.exe was restarted.
[*] An "Access violation" bug has been fixed in the data transfer.
[*] Auto save in Audio Capture now appends the "Received time" to the file name.
[*] Folders that begin with "." are now visible in file manager.

Go here to download the latest version and the SDK (for plugin development).
The Remote Port Scanner plugin is included in the main archive. The source is in the SDK.
The SDK is probably not the best there is, so please comment on it on the chasenet forum. Plugins made will be hosted in the Download section (if they dont break any rules).
So if you've made a plugin please email me!

Plugin support!

User-made plugins will soon be reality. A rather advanced plugin system has been my main priority the last couple of weeks.
The SDK will most likely be released together with the new version and I hope that most plugins made will be kept open source.
An example plugin is already done: Remote Port Scanner (view screenshot in the dev. log).
If you have ideas for plugins or if you're looking for ideas please have a look at the forums.

Version 2.2.0 released!

It's time for a well needed update of the server core. This time I have added a much stronger encryption (Camellia with 256 bit password).
Due to this old servers wont be compatible with the new client.
Download it here!

Here is the complete changelog (* Changed/Bugfix, + New feature):
+ Client now remembers the column sizes (only in the main window).
+ position button in the DNS/Port-editor.
+ Replace, Rename, Resume file transfers.
+ "Last seen" in the ping column if you select to preserve dead connections.
+ Reset Stats.
+ "Connection attempts" added to client stats.
* Fixed "Goto site" in cache passwords.
* Key log file is now always deleted when you uninstall.
* Fixed Vista compatibility.
+ New "fast button": Monitor CPU/memory status.
+ "Workgroup" added in Information.
+ Copy WAN IP in the connection list.
+ "Hide password" check box next to passwords.
+ Made the Secure Delete much better (now overwrites with random data).
* The server now removes all active-x entries that have the same file path as it self (this should solve all startup problems).
* Fixed the known bug that occurred when you showed the 'data transfers' for the first time while transferring something.
* Changed so that it only requires one click on the tray icon to show/hide the main window.
* Fixed the "JPEG bug #53" when viewing thumbnails.
* When the client reaches the connection limit it will not prune all connections when it pings.
+ Camellia encryption.
+ New authentification method.
* A Socks5 crash bug that occurred when you used "Resolve names remotely" in the connecting client.
* A bug that occurred when you choose "No" on "uninstall applications".
+ Multiple relays now possible.
* When a server that has been injected into a custom process gets restarted it will kill its relay servers (making the ports available again).
* A rare crash-bug when refreshing wireless passwords (only occurred for some).
+ Audio capture added.
* Small improvements to the webcam code.
* Double click on keys in regedit search doesn't crash the server anymore.
* Uninstall removes restricted autostart entries.

Development has started again

I have yet again started the development on the new version. I will soon post about a
new feature that alot of people has requested!

Version 2.1.2 released!

The new version is finally ready for public release. Download it here!

Changelog (also published in development):
- Check for new updates online (optional feature)
- Browse for folders/keys in the search
- File manager and regedit cache rebuilds itself automaticly
- Thumbnail viewing is now faster and refreshes automaticly when choosen
- Installed applications.
- Keyboard control in Screen capture is now better (supports more keys)
- Dead connections are removed the moment they die
- Wireless Zero Configuration Passwords
- NT/NTLM hashes
- Preserve dead connections
- Custom injection
- Key logger now supports and
- Run on restricted accounts

Documentation will be up some time tomorrow. For support and questions please visit ChaseNET's forum.

New email!

My previous email address has gmail apparently disabled (still waiting for a reason).
So here is my new (permanent) email address:

Also don't forget to check out the latest developments.

Site opening

I've decided to create my own site just for Poison Ivy. Here I will release updates (as well as on and but also news regarding the development.
Open source code examples might also be made public during the course of development.

Version 2.1.1 released!

A new version of Poison Ivy is available for download. The major changes are bugfixes and a few new features.
The new features are: Edit ID and Socket Traffic. Socket Traffic enables you to control and view all traffic on a relay server.
You can for instance send packets to the connected parties and see what they send to each other.